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Copywriting and Japanese Translation in Austin, TX

Kuma Language Services is an Austin-based writing and translation service that provides English language copywriting for domestic and international businesses as well as Japanese to English translation.

It’s run by the Kuma (熊 or くま), Japanese for bear. It’s a reflection of the pride and skill that goes into each and every work we put forth. The bear is a symbol of wisdom, strength, and cunning, which are the characteristics necessary to translate and write with authority, accuracy, and confidence.

In addition to our Japanese translation and copywriting services in Austin, TX, the bear works with clients worldwide to provide translations and catchy, memorable copy that enhance product visibility, raise brand awareness, and help capture qualified leads.

Spend your valuable time focusing on the big picture – let the bear handle the details of Japanese translation and copywriting in Austin, TX and far, far beyond.

Content and Copywriting with Google Analytics & Hubspot Expertise

The bear is highly trained in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), knows how to research and take advantage of keywords, has deep experience in digital & inbound marketing, and is certified in:


Google Analytics

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Hubspot Inbound & Digital Marketing

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Copywriting for the Age of the Digital Marketing

The Kuma knows the power and influence of writing to improve brand recognition and bring in real people to your website. Watching traffic rise and receiving grateful messages from happy customers is sweeter than honey, and the bear loves honey. Imagine how much he loves marketing success!

Sit back and relax as the bear weaves magical copy, intriguing blogs and articles, engaging stories, and unforgettable poetry that will make your brand, your name, and your products and services shine like the morning sun.

We offer the following English writing services:

At Kuma, quality information and imagination come first. Our goal is to contribute usable, factually accurate information to the knowledge pool of the Internet. We do not write clickbait style content.

Japanese and English Translation

In our globalized marketplace, precise, easy-to-understand, natural translations are key to international success. Budding enterprises and multinational business powerhouses alike can benefit from a translation undertaken with thorough research, tactful communication decisions, and, above all, care.

English Mastery Makes a Quality Translation

Kuma Language’s strength is in Japanese to English translations that span a variety of channels. We have a wealth of experience in:

wooden gears turning technical icon


From operations and maintenance manuals to complex technical explanations and in-depth analyses, translation by Kuma Language Services is unmatched. Our technical language skills cross over an incredible number of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Automotive
  • Electrical & Plumbing
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We know how fast the world of commerce moves and we work to provide quality translations at the speed of business. Each enterprise’s needs are unique, and we take that into account when translating for each individual client. We translate for:

  • Investment
  • Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Accounting
  • International Business
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Media never stops, so neither does Kuma Language. Count on Kuma for accurate, up-to-the minute media translations for your most important and prized pieces of journalism. You can also rely on our marketing expertise for effective copy and advertisement.
We do:

wooden tv with salmon show


The world of entertainment in Japan is massive. The market for Japanese entertainment products in America grows more and more every day. Kuma Language Services can help you keep up with hyper-targeted, stylish translations for your entertainment needs.
We provide services for:

  • Magazines
  • Anime & Manga
  • Video Games
  • Movies & TV Shows
  • Subtitling

Let the Bear do the work.

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