Japanese Translation

Kuma Language Services will translate Japanese to English with a free native check or English to Japanese in a huge variety of mediums, formats, and styles.

What is Translation?

Translation is text or graphic based transfer of information from one language to another while retaining style, tone, and meaning. Our Japanese translations don’t stop once we’ve found the right word – we also want to find the right voice, tone, and style.

When moving between languages, we consider:

  • Your audience
  • Your goals
  • Your intent

We’ll work with you to ensure that your message is clear in your target languages.


From manuals to standard operating procedures and beyond, Kuma Language has experience in delivering highly precise translations that include industry-specific language. Ask about our technical translations you have important information you need to be delivered with unparalleled accuracy.

computer with manual on gummy bears


There’s a world of amateur translators out there desperate to translate your movies, manga, anime, and video games for free. Be wary – in these instances, you get what you pay for. Kuma Language Services knows the importance of accurate translations with character that maintain a narrative flow in the entertainment industry.

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It’s tough to move up-to-the-minute news across the world on a tight deadline. When you just can’t seem to get your story to the right news channels in your target language, let Kuma Language Services help. We know fast turnaround and love to get important, breaking news to where it needs to go fast.

english and japanese newspapers translated

Don’t deal with an agency – you talk directly with your translator!


We provide affordable and unbeatable text-based subtitling translations for movies, shows, documentaries, instructional videos, and more! Tell your stories or help others learn with subtitle translations that don’t miss a step!

Our process

You provide the transcript, we do the translation. We keep it simple and low-cost so you don’t have to strain your resources. We return easy-to-read text translations that don’t take extra time to arrange and implement.

Send a message to Kuma Language Services to get started with your Japanese translation today!